• Lindsey Johnston

Feeling prickly: Cholla Cactus Garden

The Cholla Cactus garden is an instagrammers' and photographers' paradise with vast rows of cacti spread across both sides of the road. It's also one of the top places for those illusive golden hour photos. The setting sun reflects perfectly off the cacti's spines making them glow golden in the fading light. The garden is located towards the bottom of the park making it a little out of the way from the other trails, but it's worth the slight detour. While these plants may look pretty, they are not to be messed with. This is not a place you want to "do it for the gram" and venture off the trail. If you go in the spring or the summer when the cacti are blooming also be mindful of the bees. They are highly attracted to the blooms and come out en masse so have those Epi Pens ready if you need them.

Photo credit: Tom Bricker

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