• Lindsey Johnston

Good eats: Joshua Tree Saloon

Even though we had a kitchen in our room at The Harmony Motel, we still wanted to get some local flavor. A couple we met at the pool recommended Joshua Tree Saloon.

When you walk up to this place it looks like you've traveled back in time to a real Western saloon. There's a large patio with live music and a no frills, dive bar set up inside with a bar, booths and picnic tables. According to our waiter several famous artists who were visiting a recording studio in Joshua Tree had eaten there. The walls were adorned with old metal signs and all types of desert and music memorabilia.

The menu is just as eclectic as the restaurant itself. They have everything from tacos to burgers to barbecue. I had the "signature mineshaft burger", a sort of take on an IN-N-Out burger with pickles and 1,000 island dressing.

It was delicious and not just because I was extremely hungry after another full day in the park. The tangy dressing added a nice touch and the pickles added a nice vinegary bite. Not only was the burger good, but so was the people watching. We were surrounded by a mix of locals, tourists, and hikers.

So if you want to meet some friendly folks, learn about some local history, eat some good food and listen to good music definitely check out Joshua Tree Saloon! They have breakfast too.

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