• Lindsey Johnston

The road to Thailand

My trip actually started the morning of November 16 and while I was excited, I also knew I had a full 24 hours of travel ahead of me. I don't know if you all remember what was going on around that time, but a swath of winter storms hit the Midwest, Northeast and parts of the Southeast. Several people going on this trip already had flight cancellations and delays so I was not looking forward to the thought of potentially having to use my trip insurance and rebook all my flights.

Luckily the travel odds were in my favor that day and I proceeded through my 24 hour journey without any problems minus the minor heart attack I had when I ended up only having 20 minutes to catch my flight out of South Korea....but that's neither here nor there.

I arrived in Chiang Mai and 10:40pm on the 17th, dragged my shell of a body into a cab and immediately made good friends with my pillow.

To back it up a little bit, one of my friends from college invited me to go on this trip with her after her lame boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) backed out. We went with a group from Travendly, a travel company that plans trips for young professionals (20s-30s) all over the world. Usually I'm not a fan of the bigger group trips, but I felt a lot more comfortable being with a group since it was my first time in Thailand and since I don't speak Thai.

Picture of the old wall that used to surround Chiang Mai Thailand
Chiang Mai gate

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